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Rocky Mountain Surgical Center specializes in outpatient surgery that does not require an overnight stay. Our highly trained professional staff and surgeons will use the latest technology and techniques to perform your procedure. Rocky Mountain Surgical Center is committed to providing the community with quality ambulatory surgery in a warm and friendly, economical, service-oriented environment.

Good News For Patients

More Surgeries Performed in Outpatient Centers
A number of surgical specialties have moved from the hospital operating room to the outpatient setting largely due to advances in surgery and anesthesia. Today, patients can undergo many different procedures in an outpatient surgery center such as endoscopies, chronic pain procedures or knee repair.

For surgeries that are appropriate for an outpatient setting, the benefits to patients include:

The convenience of recovering in your home generally makes recovery time quicker and easier than an in-hospital stay.

Lower Cost
Since there are no hospital room and related hospital charges, costs are much lower for outpatient surgery. In fact, some insurance companies will cover certain surgical procedures only on an outpatient basis, unless your physician certifies that you require a more intensive level of post-operative care due to an underlying medical condition.

Reduced Stress
In the majority of cases, outpatient surgery is less stressful than inpatient surgery. Most people prefer to recover in the comfort of their own homes, especially children who are frightened by the thought of hospital sleepovers.

More Predictable Scheduling
In a hospital setting, scheduled surgeries can be delayed because of emergency procedures that take longer than expected. An outpatient setting can generally stay within a set schedule since the procedures are simpler and more routine.

The Rocky Mountain Surgical Center is the only accredited surgical center or hospital in Gallatin County and the leading provider of outpatient surgical care. With state-of-the-art technology and techniques and a warm and positive environment, RMSC provides a cost-effective and caring place for healing. Specializing in orthopedics, gastroenterology, pain medicine and podiatry, the professional staff and physicians are committed to delivering the highest level of service.

If you would like to know more about the Rocky Mountain Surgical Center, please contact us at (406) 556-9000 or info@rmsurgicalcenter.com.